Time sculpting, apex business
There is always some time polishing, which can represent eternity, the center of the eastern suburbs, to present the Chinese spire business people with ingenuity.
Inner Ring State Guest Rare Territory
Blessed by the Dongjiao Hotel and the inner city core, it is located in Shanghai's largest urban green space and surrounded by top resources.
Phase II advanced real scene presentation
The first phase of the Dongjiao Center has been sold out and delivered to enterprises to settle in, the second phase is an advanced work, about 1385-2362 square meters of single-family offices, the city is selling well, welcome tasting.
Capital big coffee tower spire collection
With the advancement of the development strategy of the "14th Five-Year" international economic center, the advantages of the eastern suburbs plate, located in the main seat of Shanghai Pudong, have become increasingly prominent, based in the center of the three core areas of Lujiazui, Zhangjiang, and Jinqiao, and accompanied by the construction of the "Golden Central Development Belt" With its advanced planning concepts and ideas, the East Suburb Center will build a high-end international business district that integrates the city’s spire resources.
Among the Forbes list, there are also many big coffees living here, and the eastern suburbs have become the capital center of the world's attention.