The Dongjiao Center (Phase I) project officially started on September 23, 2012

       On September 23, 2012, the autumn breeze sent cool, sweet osmanthus fragrance, located in the eastern suburbs center project at the intersection of Longdong Avenue and Jinqiao Road, developed by leaders at all levels of Shanghai Dongchang Investment Development Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Pucheng Real Estate A simple and lively groundbreaking ceremony was held under the attention of all employees of the company. Ding Jianzu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Dongchang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., and Hu Jianping, General Manager of Shanghai Dongchang Investment Development Co., Ltd., gave first speeches, explaining the significance of the construction of the Dongjiao Center project to all employees. The start of the Dongjiao Center project means the entire Dongjiao project. It's almost over. Secretary Ding said that the establishment of the project has promoted the company's industrialization process, enabling the company to continue to grow and strengthen, towards a better tomorrow, and wish the company's eastern suburbs center project can be successfully completed. At 9:15, the company leaders went to the cornerstone and waved the golden shovel in their hands, kicking off the groundbreaking ceremony. The groundbreaking ceremony officially began at 9:19 amidst the cheerful sound of fireworks and firecrackers. With the smooth driving of the first pile into the foundation, it marked the official start of the construction of the Dongjiao Center Project. The Eastern Suburb Center is currently the only commercial and office land project for headquarters near the inner ring and in the middle ring in Shanghai. The eastern suburbs section is Shanghai’s top luxury residences and villas agglomeration area. With the convenient trunk roads of Longdong Avenue and Jinqiao Road, it is close to the two national industrial bases of Zhangjiang High-tech Park and Jinqiao Development Zone. The accumulation of high-end people and elites will create A high-end garden corporate headquarters project guided by the financial industry, with high privacy, low density, high greenery, and sharing an extremely comfortable space. The East Suburb Center will be a milestone in the growth of Pucheng Real Estate and it has far-reaching significance. Its supporting businesses include high-end business Chinese restaurants, top spas, fitness clubs, business conference centers, boutique supermarkets, etc., which not only meet the life and leisure needs of the people in the project, but also make up for the regret that there are no high-end consumer places between Jinqiao and Zhangjiang. In order to ensure the realization of this goal, all employees of the company are working hard in their respective positions with full enthusiasm, determined to win another honor for the company. We will use sufficient energy, meticulously organize construction, high standards and strict requirements to ensure project quality and safe construction, complete the construction goals on schedule, and create conditions for the company to reach a new level.