Shanghai Highway 778 "Jinqiao Road Jinming Road" bus station will be opened in December!

        Located on Yinliu Road, west of the eastern suburb center, the "Jinqiao Road Jinming Road" stop of no.778 bus has been set up and is expected to be officially put into use in December. In order to further optimize the bus network layout in Zhangjiang area of Jinqiao Town and fill in the bus gap in some areas, the Jinqiao Town government has set up a new bus station on Jinqiao Road and Jinming Road according to the citizens' travel needs and the opinions of relevant towns, administrative departments and citizens.

       Jinqiao Road Jinming Road bus station is located in the eastern suburbs of the central commercial street between building 19 and 20, the station next to supermarkets, restaurants and other shops, can meet the needs of passengers waiting for 778 in this platform catering.


      Please refer to the following table for bus routes starting from Jinming Bus Station on Jinqiao Road. No. 778 bus passes Through Line 2 (Zhangjiang station), Line 14 (unopened) and Line 6 (Jinqiao station). The opening of this platform makes it more convenient for the staff of the Dongjiao Commercial Office center to commute to work.

Line coding


Parking site

Departure time


Laiyang Road wulian Road

Zhangjiang subway station (line 2) - > song tao LuChunXiao road to guo shoujin families, garden road, guo shoujin Newton road - guo shoujin Curie road - guo shoujin LuJinKe to jinke road li shizhen road, jinke road east avenue - eastern hotel - jinqiao LuJinMing Li Silu - jinqiao road bridge (3) - jinqiao jinxiu road east road (line 14 untutored) to jinqiao road bridge sichuan road, jinqiao road in Yang road Jinqiao Road Zhangyang Road (Line 6) Jinqiao Road Boshan East Road Jinqiao Road Pudong Avenue No.8 Bridge Pudong Avenue Wulian Road Wulian Road Pudong Avenue Laiyang Road Wulian Road


Zhangjiang Subway Station 

Laiyang wulian road to wulian road pudong avenue, pudong avenue wulian - no. 8 bridge - jinqiao road, pudong avenue to jinqiao LuBoShan east road, zhang Yang (line 6) jinqiao road, jinqiao road in Yang road to jinqiao road bridge sichuan road, jinqiao road east of jinxiu road (line 14 untutored) - > Li Silu jinqiao road bridge (3) to jinqiao LuJinMing road, east to jinke road east avenue, jinke hotel Li Shizhen Road Guo Shoujing Road jinke Road Guo Shoujing Road Curi Road Guo Shoujing Road Newton Road Guo Shoujing Road Keyuan Road Songtao Road Chunxiao Road Zhangjiang Subway Station (Line 2)


The specific opening time of this platform is subject to the official website of Shanghai Traffic travel, please look forward to it!