DongJiao Center - decorated to welcome the New Year

New households settled in the DongJiao Center -- Hexin Technology

Yi DongJiao , trial operation from December 15 !

Metro Line 2 Jinke Road station to the DongJiao Center shuttle service opened

Long time no see, very miss

Pucheng Real Estate -- Party Member Volunteers guarding "Shanghai" against

Jinqiao Town Government To The Dongjiao Outskirts Of The Plate Stationed Staff To Distribute Supplies

Dongjiao Lawson Station, Opening Soon!

Dongjiao Center lights up for Spring Festival

Dongjiao Centre Christmas lights

Shanghai Bus No. 778 "Jinqiao Road Yinliu Road" bus station has been put into use!

Shanghai Highway 778 "Jinqiao Road Jinming Road" bus station will be opened in December!

Dongjiao Center official website traditional version and English version officially online!

The first park of Zhangjiabang wedge-shaped green space at the center of the eastern suburbs has been opened

Delicious breakfast, happy day

Dongjiao Center (Phase II) will be fully completed and put into operation at the end of June 2021

Dongjiao Center, the business card on the Pudong Golden Central Development Belt

The model room of Dongjiao Center (Phase II) will open in September 2019, welcome to visit

Dongjiao Center (Phase II) is scheduled to open in May 2019

Announcement of the report on the implementation of environmental protection measures in the Dongjiao Center

The groundbreaking ceremony of Dongjiao Center (Phase II) was grandly held in September 2016

The Dongjiao Center (Phase I) project officially started on September 23, 2012

Dongjiao Lawson Station, Opening Soon!

       In March this year, Lawson Station was officially settled in unit 102, Building 20, Dongjiao Center. Now it has started renovation and officially opened in April.


       Because of its unique and a wide variety of food , Lawson become a fire over global Japanese convenience store, at the appointed time, the center of the eastern friends can enjoy all kinds of food here, everything from breakfast rice ball (such as the supreme rice balls, triangle series rice balls, demon series, etc.) to the tasty flavour bento (e.g., stewed beef rice, spicy pot lunch, cheese curry pork rice, etc.), Hot desserts such as ice cream and ice crusts, and drinks such as milk tea and smoothies can be bought at Rosen's after work.


       Dongjiao Center Lawson Station after the official opening, there will be more than a surprise benefits, please look forward to !