Long time no see, very miss

East Suburban Center Commercial Street is back to business on June 1st!

We meet in the early summer sun,

Enjoy fancy food and service,

Restart Free Time,

We look forward to meeting you again!


The eastern Suburb Central Commercial Street officially resumed business on June 1, and businesses will resume work in an orderly manner under the premise of strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures. The following are the shops that will meet you today:

One、 Hu She Taiwan private beef noodles

(Take-out or offline)


Address: Room 101, floor 1, Building 20, Lane 383, Zizhu Road

Tel: 021-58996236 / 17765149270


Thousands of Chinese cuisine, braised beef accounted for ten thousand. This sentence, thinking carefully but also not without reason. A bowl of braised beef noodles, is a cheap and down-to-earth snacks.

Two、SG indoor golf driving range


Address: Zizhu Road 383 Lane 21 2nd floor

Tel:  021-68381398 / 13512157547


As can be seen from the English word GOLF, it is a sport that combines enjoyment of nature, physical exercise and business communication.

Three、Bouffant hair Salon


Address: Room 103, floor 1, Building 20, Lane 383, Zizhu Road

Tel: 50560189/18116241377


Boudofan hairdressing hair salon, let you find a more beautiful yourself

Starbucks in the middle of the Eastern suburbs

Do you miss it?

Every time I walk into this regular cafe,

I always sit by the window by myself,

Watching the hustle and bustle of people and traffic.

Here, take a look at the video of the start of 2022

Sink into Starbucks and eastern suburban centers

In the interwoven beauty.

Not long after starbucks east Suburban Center,

Will also meet you in this familiar street.


[East Suburban Center looks forward to joining you in this walk in the sun]


Please comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention. Please wear a mask and take your temperature when entering the commercial street.

Please provide nucleic acid negative certificate within 72 hours when entering shops.

And scan the location code/digital sentry

To ensure that your information is searchable and traceable

In June, we finally get a two-way rush

Let us jointly uphold the epidemic prevention achievements

Enjoy your free time!

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