Dongjiao Center (Phase II) is scheduled to open in May 2019

       Dongjiao Center is a corporate headquarters and business office building jointly built by Dongchang Group and Pucheng Real Estate. The project is located next to the Pudong Inner Ring Road and Dongjiao State Guest House. It occupies the core position of the Dongjiao State Guest District. The surrounding transportation facilities are complete and the three-dimensional transportation network is connected to the whole city; Dongjiao State Guest House, China Europe Business School, Tomson Golf, etc. constitute the East There are high-level business circles around the suburban center; there are 300,000 square meters of high-end commercial facilities within 5 kilometers of the project; at the same time, the Dongjiao Center's own 7,000 square meters of customized commercial facilities also provide customers with high-end personalized business services. The central building of the eastern suburbs continues the architectural style of high-end villas, with a dignified atmosphere, with a building height of about 4.5 meters, a large office space without column nets, ample underground parking spaces, exquisite stone exterior walls and branded doors and windows from Germany. The project is developed in two phases. The owners of the first phase have successively moved into the office, and the second phase is scheduled to open in May 2019.

【Basic Information】

Area: 112,479.6㎡

Building area: 210,497㎡

Property rights: 40 years

Floor area ratio: 0.99

Greening rate: 35%

Property type: office building, shop

Project address: No. 65, Lane 383, Zizhu Road, Pudong New Area