DongJiao Center - decorated to welcome the New Year

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Dongjiao Center lights up for Spring Festival

Dongjiao Centre Christmas lights

Shanghai Bus No. 778 "Jinqiao Road Yinliu Road" bus station has been put into use!

Shanghai Highway 778 "Jinqiao Road Jinming Road" bus station will be opened in December!

Dongjiao Center official website traditional version and English version officially online!

The first park of Zhangjiabang wedge-shaped green space at the center of the eastern suburbs has been opened

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Dongjiao Center (Phase II) will be fully completed and put into operation at the end of June 2021

Dongjiao Center, the business card on the Pudong Golden Central Development Belt

The model room of Dongjiao Center (Phase II) will open in September 2019, welcome to visit

Dongjiao Center (Phase II) is scheduled to open in May 2019

Announcement of the report on the implementation of environmental protection measures in the Dongjiao Center

The groundbreaking ceremony of Dongjiao Center (Phase II) was grandly held in September 2016

The Dongjiao Center (Phase I) project officially started on September 23, 2012

Dongjiao Centre Christmas lights

On December 20, 2021, the brilliant and ornate Christmas installation in the Dongjiao Center was successfully lit up, lighting up the winter night in the Dongjiao Center and bringing a strong Christmas atmosphere.

The 10-meter-high green pine vine Christmas tree in the main area of the Dongjiao Central Business Street is covered with white rice bubble lights and decorated with snowflakes of different sizes. The top of the Christmas tree is glittering with snow. The elk at the bottom, loaded with Santa presents, ran happily through the snow and chased the lovely snowman.

0ed24e7e78862ee4144124b57bb64a97.jpg          The low wall next to the giant tree is decorated with "Merry Christmas" red lettering lights, complemented by scattered white curtain lights. The trees around them were covered with white stars, just as the stars covered the trees and the snow covered the branches.


The  Dongjiao central business district corridor trees and lawns are also "starlight". Sit down with a steaming cup of coffee on a winter afternoon to warm yourself -- and the Christmas season.


Ding dong, a snowflake elk with a gift box suddenly appears at the garage entrance! Ask around, the deer is to the eastern suburbs center staff, guests brought Christmas wishes and New Year wishes! I heard that every snowflake of Christmas is a letter from winter.

Snow and hot coffee, elk and Christmas tree, Christmas bell is coming, New Year's bell is coming. All the past is experience, all the good will meet in the end.

         May you in the Dongjiao every day, all run in their love. I wish you all the efforts have been rewarded, everything goes well, good health, everything goes well!

        Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!